Aum – The Ultimate Sound of The Universe

Feel the vibration of Aum penetrate your entire being

I vocalized the sacred sound Aum/Om to accompany and enhance the effect of any mudra. It can also be used for many other forms of meditation, or just as a soothing sound in the background as you relax or work on your computer.

What is Aum?

Aum/Om is the essential sound of the universe and contains within it all other sounds.  It is the greatest, most mysterious and most sacred of all mantras. It transcends age, race, religion and culture. Aum breaks down into three levels of of consciousness:

A – Wakefulness
U – Dreams
M – Dreamless sleep

When it is chanted with the correct intonation, it sends healing vibrations throughout the body, and penetrates the soul (Atman).


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