Agochari Mudra

 The Nose Gazing Gesture

Agochari Mudra

This is a very powerful gesture for focused meditation.

How To Apply

Sit in any comfortable meditation posture with your back straight and relax.
 Apply the Jnana Mudra or Chin Mudra with both hands. Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose.
You should now see an inverted ‘V’ shape (‘/\’).
Release the mudra when your eyes feel tired. You can resume it once your eyes have recovered.
Apply the Jalandhara Bandha to increase chi circulation.

Like the Shambavi Mudra, the more you practice, the longer you can hold the mudra each time.

• It quickly activates the Muladhara (root) Chakra.
• This mudra also activates the Agya/Ajna (first eye) Chakra.
• Concentration is improved.
• The nervous system becomes relaxed.