Aum – The Ultimate Sound of The Universe

Feel the vibration of Aum penetrate your entire being

I vocalized the sacred sound Aum/Om to accompany and enhance the effect of any mudra. It can also be used for many other forms of meditation, or just as a soothing sound in the background as you relax or work on your computer.

What is Aum?

Aum/Om is the essential sound of the universe and contains within it all other sounds.  It is the greatest, most mysterious and most sacred of all mantras. It transcends age, race, religion and culture. Aum breaks down into three levels of of consciousness:

A – Wakefulness
U – Dreams
M – Dreamless sleep

When it is chanted with the correct intonation, it sends healing vibrations throughout the body, and penetrates the soul (Atman).


Vajra Mudra – The Gesture of The Fiery Thunderbolt

Vajra means both ‘diamond’ (indestructible) and  ‘thunderbolt’ (irresistible force) in Sanskrit.

The vajra is also a ritual object in Tibetan Buddhism

Music: “Esotericism” by Xultrain Kaos:


Dhyani Mudra – The Gesture of Meditation

Other names: Dhyana Mudra

The Thumb Connection

The thumb in general represents the fire  element. Therefore when both thumbs touch in this mudra they burn all the impurities in the mind. The thumbs also form a triangle, which represents the Triratna (three Jewels): Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Music: Bhudi Mudra VIP 0.5 by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan

Bhudi Mudra @ 432Hz:


Pushan Mudra – The Gesture of Nourishment

This is an excellent mudra for aiding digestion.

Other names: Pushaan Mudra

Music: Light From Darkness Variation 2.0

Light From Darkness (Tuned to 432Hz) by Dee Vigga aka Ultra titan

More benefits

• The Pran mudra activates energy in the pelvic floor. It stimulates the lower processes of digestion and elimination.

• Energy stimulated by the Pran Mudra is directed upwards by the Apan Mudra. Every organ benefits from this uplifting energy. One can also focus better and their general mood is more positive.

Vaayan Mudra – The Gesture of The Nervous System


Hakini Mudra – The Gesture of The Ajna Chakra

You will see a many people – especially those who need to do a lot of thinking – use this mudra unconsciously. It is a very natural and common hand gesture.

Music: “Light From Darkness Variation 1.0” by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan

Light From Darkness (Tuned to 432Hz)

More Benefits

• It improves respiration.
• Children who suffer from austism can benefit from this mudra.


Garuda Mudra – The Gesture of The Mystical Eagle

This mudra will look familiar to kids and older people who used to make bird shadows with their hands. 🙂

Music: “Softer Gesticulation” by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan
Original “Gesticulation”:

I personally like to modify last stage of this mudra a little by pressing my right thumb pad gently against my chest, while keeping the left thumb wrapped around it. This tends to multiply the effect of the mudra since the thumb activates Agni (fire) energy.


Kundalini Mudra – The Gesture of Sexual Energy

Kundalini means ‘coiled up’ and ‘Serpent Power.’

The Kundalini is primal energy in the form of a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. It usually lays dormant in unenlightened people. During an awakening, the Kundalini rises up through the Sushumna Nadi (the central, subtle channel), and eventually reaches the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra), thereby causing an intense spiritual awakening experience.

The Kundalini Mudra is just one of many ways to help raise your Kundalini. There is an entire yoga system called Kundalini Yoga, which was introduced to the western world by Yogi Bhajan.

Before attempting to awaken your Kundalini, your heart must be pure. If you raise your Kundalini while, for example having  a deep-seeded hatred for people, it will only cause more problems.

Music: Gesticulation by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan:

The four fingers which encircle the index finger are symbolic of the external world, and the thumb represents the divine spirit. The left index finger represents the mind and the soul.