Jnana Mudra

 The Gesture of Wisdom

Other names: Gyan Mudra, Guyan Mudra, Vayu Vardhak Mudra and *Chin Mudra.

*Only when the palm and fingers are facing towards the earth.

This is by far the most well known of all mudras.

Music: “Jnana Mudra @ 432Hz” by Dee Vigga

Symbolism of Jnana Mudra
• The thumb represents Brahman – The Supreme, the absolute
• The index finger represents Jiva – individual soul

In variation 1, the complete circle created by the thumb and index finger symbolizes the oneness of the soul with the Absolute.

In variation 2 (active Gyan Mudra), the index finger ‘bows’ to the thumb, thus Jiva surrenders to Brahman.

The three extended fingers represent the three Gunas:
• The middle finger represents Sattva – intellect.
• The ring finger represents Rajas – mind.
• The little pinky finger represents Tamas – body.

Gyan/Jnana Mudra (active version)
Gyan/Jnana Mudra (active version)

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