The Prithivi Mudras

 Prithivi-Vardhak Mudra

The Gesture of Earth

Other names: Agni-Shaamak Mudra.

Prithivi – earth.

Vardhak – to enhance/ignite.

Agni – fire.

Shaamak – to suppress.

The Prithivi-Vardhak Mudra stimulates the earth element of the body, while suppressing the fire element, thus increasing physical strength and endurance.

Music: “Prithivi Mudra @ 432Hz” by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan


The Gesture of The Sun

Surya Mudra

Prithivi-Shamaak aka the Surya (sun) Mudra has the opposite effect of the Prithivi- Vardhak Mudra. The Suyra Mudra decreases the earth element of the body, while increasing the fire element.

How To Apply

Place the tip or pad of the ring finger onto the base of the thumb, then gently press the ring finger with the thumb.

You can liken the thumb to an anaconda as it constricts the earth element of the ring finger.
The ‘fire’ of the thumb dominates and conquers.


Overuse of this mudra can cause the body to overheat.


Use for 30-45 minutes, or for 15 minutes, three times a day.


Due to the Agni (fire) element of this mudra:
• The body temperature is balanced.
• Obesity can be reduced.
• Appetite is regained.
• It is effective against issues with the eyes such as cataract.
• It balances under active thyroid glands, therefore metabolism is also balanced.
• Indigestion and constipation is relieved.
• The bodily humor Pitta is increased, which means anyone with an excess of the Pitta element should only use this mudra in moderation.

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