Shambavi Mudra

The Eyebrow Gazing Gesture

Shambhavi Mudra

This is a very powerful mudra for meditation.

How To Apply

Sit in any comfortable meditation posture with your back straight and relax.
Apply the Jnana Mudra with both hands.
Look upwards and inwards as if looking in between your eyebrows. You should see a ‘V’ shape formed by the eyebrows.
Calm your mind. No special breathing is required, just observe your breath. Release this mudra when your eyes feel tired. You can resume the mudra once your eyes feel ready again.
Apply the Jalandhara Bandha to increase chi circulation. After regular practice, you can perform this meditation with your eyes closed.


•  The Shambavi Mudra activates your pineal gland as well as the Ajna chakra, taking you to a higher level of consciousness.
• Mental clutter is no longer an issue during meditation.
• This mudra is very calming and reduces stress.
• Your ability to focus is vastly improved.
• The left and right hemispheres of the brain become “one.”
• It strengthens the eye muscles, making it possible to hold for longer periods each time.