Shunya Mudra

The Gesture of Space

Other names: Shoonya Mudra and Aashaak Shaamak Mudra.

Aashaak – Space.

Shaamak – to suppress.

This is the best mudra for ear issues such as tinnitus and deafness.

Music “Permeation (tuned to 432Hz)” by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan

Shuni Mudra

The Gesture of Patience

Other names: Aakaash Mudra and Aakaash Vardhak.

Vardhak – to enhance/ignite.

Shuni  Mudra has the opposite effect of Shunya Mudra.

Shuni Mudra image
Shuni Mudra

How To Apply

Gently press the tip of the middle finger against the tip of the thumb and extend the remaining fingers. Apply this mudra with both hands and turn the palms upwards if possible.


• This gesture promotes patience, discernment,  discipline, commitment and the ability to focus.
• Emotions are transformed from negative to positive.
• It promotes compassion, understanding and patience towards people and situations.
• This is a great gesture for “being in the Now” instead of the past or future.